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How to get an app for your supermarket company

Ryan Lons

So you’re kicking around the idea of getting an app for your stores. You have some things you know you want it to do. You also know you want to use it as a marketing tool. But how do you go from some rough ideas to having something in Google Play and the App Store?

First things first, when you say you want/need an app, aside from just wanting to seem cool, you’re really saying you want a mobile presence. Something that will benefit both your brand and customers. There is more than one way to accomplish this and each approach has its drawbacks and advantages.

5 approaches to building an app with pros and cons:

1) Don’t build an app. Use pre-existing apps
Depending on your specific needs, mobile presence can be accomplished without actually building an app. This solution is more for smaller enterprises with little capital to invest. How do you do it? Use existing apps that your customers are already using. Obvious options here include social media sites like...

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