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Grocery apps written BY grocery stores perform better than apps written FOR grocery stores

Ryan Lons

It’s no secret that we at WersDa are big proponents for grocery stores taking their consumer facing software development in-house. Well, the numbers are in and it looks like the masses agree. Looking at both iPhone and Android apps for over 40 of the largest US based grocery retailers, some clear conclusions become apparent.

Apps developed in-house average about 2.8 out of 5 stars in the App Store and 3.7 out of 5 stars in Google Play.  Apps developed by 3rd parties average 2.05 stars in the App store and 3.10 in Google Play. What’s more in-house app ratings are getting better up from 2.67 in the App Store and 3rd party built apps are getting worse, down from 2.3 in the app store.

Interesting, but what does it mean?
There are no black and white answers to be had here but here are some of the contributing causes.

1) Who’s getting paid for what impacts long term quality
In-house developers tend to care more about your shoppers than 3rd party developers. Your app...

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Do I really need an app for my grocery stores?

Ryan Lons

It may seem that the obvious answer to this question would be a resounding “Yes!” But why is it obvious? It does seem that every company in most modern countries has an app or two but are they necessary?

If you don’t have an app you won’t go out of business tomorrow, or next week, or next year. An app isn’t necessary the same way that Electronic POS systems and loyalty cards aren’t necessary. Technically you can operate a store on machine POS systems, personal checks and no customer purchase tracking. Think of all the money you’d save. You might even get more positive PR from the hipsters given the retro vibe! But clearly you shouldn't actually tear out your EPOS systems and loyalty cards, though it does illustrate a point. We’re crossing the invisible line where before it was ok not to have a useful mobile presence. Most people feel this at a gut level have difficulty articulating why. So in brief, here are the top 3 reasons...

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