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It’s time to renovate loyalty cards. Part 2

Ryan Lons

After signup then what? Follow with functionality Part 1 here
Now that you’ve signed them up and have them logged in. You did it in a quick, low hassle manner that positively reinforced use of your site or app with a reward. Now you need to keep them coming back to the tech. By now they’re shopping at least semi-regularly at your stores and bring their phone, which should have your app and a digital version of the loyalty card, or the actual in person plastic loyalty card. You have value and benefits you want to pass on to them they need to be using your site and/or app to take full advantage of them.

Loyalty card related features
Your app/site is not about you; it’s about your customers. If this is not your mindset already, it should be. There are numerous features you can design and throw in the app or site but the UI should remain clear and clean. Because the loyalty card is the interaction point, features directly related to it should be more easily accessed....

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