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Why are most grocery store apps so terrible?

Ryan Lons

Many grocery stores have some sort app or mobile site available. Some out them even proudly tout their app in front of their customers. There are even a few solid, well designed, well built grocery store apps out there. Though sadly, the vast majority is fairly awful. The majority of grocery store apps hardly manage to get more than a 2 out of 5 star average rating in the app store. Why is this? There is clearly much room for improvement, and many reasons why the bar is set so low for these apps. Here are two of the biggest:

1) Most apps (not just grocery) fail. Meaning they’re terrible and get deleted
It is generally accepted that technology is important and apps are "good." Many companies treat having an app like a checkmark on their list of “supposed to haves.” Apps are definitely in vogue. They have been for the past few years and will continue to be for a while. If your company has disposable income and it makes you and your C-level individuals happy...

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