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Gamification of retail apps part 3 of 3: Rewarding your users

Ryan Lons

Parts 1 and 2 here.

Once you’ve gotten users into your app there are two metrics you want to increase. Average session time and average number of sessions per day or week or month, whichever is relevant for you. First of all you need to be able to measure these metrics and there are some great options out there. Here are 3: Mixpanel, Flurry, and Google Analytics. I won’t go into how to integrate them into your apps here but each site has great documentation on how to go about it. So how do you increase your average session time? (and no the answer is not to slow down your app.) Having sufficient content is a prerequisite but I hardly see that as a problem for most retailers. Retailers have coupons and events and promotions and list-building features and the ability to find their nearest store or read product reviews, etc.  There is enough content there but retailers’ app reviews still are pretty low. So how might we increase engagement with the content you...

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How Consistency Breeds Happiness

Brett Lons

We all like comfort and everyone likes to be treated special.  People like nice things and a little luxury in their lives.  We like easy and we move away from uncomfortable or distasteful situations.  We are elated by unexpected gifts and we feel contented when someone shows they care.  Everyone wants to have things just a little better, everyone likes to have fun, and no one likes things to be broken or ugly.  We like smiles, we like clever, we like to be liked, we like feeling well, and we like seeing others feel well.  In short, we all like to be happy.

OK, we all agree happy is good. We also know that happy customers spend more money, tell their friends about us, and keep coming back.  

This article deals with the transitions through and connection of the user experience across your media channels. The importance of a consistent impression and experience to these customer experiences cannot be overstated. We will point out, and offer...

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Gamification of retail apps part 2 of 3: Teaching your users how to use your app

Ryan Lons

In the first part of this series here I explained a little about what gamification in apps is and how to use it during the user onboarding process. In this post we're gonna look at what happens after you get a user into your app for the first time. This is still part of onboarding, what happens next is you need to get your users up to speed on how to effectivly use your app.

“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” 
― Albert Einstein

There are many different aproaches that app makers have tried and many do a decent enough job. Few however do a great job. There are some ways that are common that tend to just be bad ideas and a waste of your development budget. Do not force the user to watch a long video or tap through a long set of information slides upon successful signup/first time login. This is a very very common practice and it’s not the best way to go about explaining your app. But it is...

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How to save time and money using other people’s code in your app

Ryan Lons

The opposite of love is not hate. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin, and that coin is called passion. The opposite of passion is apathy. In the same way as this, content creation and gamification are two sides of the same coin and that coin is called user stimulation. The opposite of which is discouragement. If you’re not stimulating your users then you’re discouraging them.

Proper user stimulation requires at least two things. One is relevant and quality content to appease the intellectual side of the user. The other is well-designed interfaces that utilize gamification tactics to appease the emotional side of the user.

The problem with many retailers’ apps is that while they struggle and focus on the content of the app they never prioritize or think about gamification. Successful app makers know that gamification (or whatever you like to call it) is just as important, or maybe more so, than content.

It’s important to make sure we’re...

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It’s time to renovate loyalty cards. Part 2

Ryan Lons

After signup then what? Follow with functionality Part 1 here
Now that you’ve signed them up and have them logged in. You did it in a quick, low hassle manner that positively reinforced use of your site or app with a reward. Now you need to keep them coming back to the tech. By now they’re shopping at least semi-regularly at your stores and bring their phone, which should have your app and a digital version of the loyalty card, or the actual in person plastic loyalty card. You have value and benefits you want to pass on to them they need to be using your site and/or app to take full advantage of them.

Loyalty card related features
Your app/site is not about you; it’s about your customers. If this is not your mindset already, it should be. There are numerous features you can design and throw in the app or site but the UI should remain clear and clean. Because the loyalty card is the interaction point, features directly related to it should be more easily accessed....

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How to get an app for your supermarket company

Ryan Lons

So you’re kicking around the idea of getting an app for your stores. You have some things you know you want it to do. You also know you want to use it as a marketing tool. But how do you go from some rough ideas to having something in Google Play and the App Store?

First things first, when you say you want/need an app, aside from just wanting to seem cool, you’re really saying you want a mobile presence. Something that will benefit both your brand and customers. There is more than one way to accomplish this and each approach has its drawbacks and advantages.

5 approaches to building an app with pros and cons:

1) Don’t build an app. Use pre-existing apps
Depending on your specific needs, mobile presence can be accomplished without actually building an app. This solution is more for smaller enterprises with little capital to invest. How do you do it? Use existing apps that your customers are already using. Obvious options here include social media sites like...

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