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How Consistency Breeds Happiness

Brett Lons

We all like comfort and everyone likes to be treated special.  People like nice things and a little luxury in their lives.  We like easy and we move away from uncomfortable or distasteful situations.  We are elated by unexpected gifts and we feel contented when someone shows they care.  Everyone wants to have things just a little better, everyone likes to have fun, and no one likes things to be broken or ugly.  We like smiles, we like clever, we like to be liked, we like feeling well, and we like seeing others feel well.  In short, we all like to be happy.

OK, we all agree happy is good. We also know that happy customers spend more money, tell their friends about us, and keep coming back.  

This article deals with the transitions through and connection of the user experience across your media channels. The importance of a consistent impression and experience to these customer experiences cannot be overstated. We will point out, and offer...

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