Rich interactive maps for smart phones

WersDa is both an app and a service. Give us a map of your location and the data for what's on it.

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To find your store at your selected location you can browse our directory or search for a specific store.

Alternatively you can just wander the mall looking for their directory.

Those maps are available to your customers 2 ways!
The WersDa App
  • All your locations available for your customers
  • Customers can search, map and route all the data for your map
  • Customers can build lists which map to your store and provide optimized routes through your location
  • You have control of your branding
  • Set up GEO fence messages to alert customers when they are within proximity of your locations
  • Customers can report the location of a problem and a staff member can receive an alert that shows the location of that problem on the map.
The WersDa SDK
  • The power WersDa maps and lists in your own app
  • Your app's theme, colors, and branding flow seamlessly into the WersDa SDK
  • SDK provides an interface for customers to build lists which map to your store and provide optimized routes through your location
  • Easy integration with full documentation and example implementaion. Getting started will be a breeze for your developers
  • Updates and feature enhancements to the SDK are free. As WersDa gets better, so does your app!
Product quick search example Product A to Product B routing example Display contents as list Display contents as visual layout Shopping list sorted by aisle Optimized route of shopping list text list App adding rewards card App rewards card
See WersDa in action with our developer demo videos

Video demo of mall use case
Video demo of shopping center use case
Shopping Center
Video demo of grocery store use case
Grocery Store
What can WersDa do for your property or venue?
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Reduce confusion and get people where they need to go at your venue/property.

WersDa provides high quality, detailed and interactive maps of your location available immediately on the iPhone. (Android in the works)
Easy to get started, minimal setup, no harware
Patrons, guests, and vendors can get to and from all points of interest at your locality, and best of all, WersDa will work on your property even if GPS signal is low or non existent.

WersDa requires no costly and disruptive hardware installation. No complicated configuration or hijacking of your wifi system, and no long learning curve or training burden.
update and new features are included
All accounts and maps benefit from our ongoing upgrades and enhancements at no extra charge. No add-on maintenance contracts, ever.

Compare this to a custom "in-house" solution built by you or a 3rd party which quickly becomes costly to constantly maintain and enhance with new features.
take advantage of the WersDa ecosystem
Get the benefits of being part of the WersDa user community. People who are using WersDa at other venues like malls, shopping centers, and universities, will automatically be notified of your business when they travel within a certain, configurable distance.

The WersDa network provides unrivaled attention to your maps / properties, and patrons to your doors.

Interested in WersDa? Join us now and enjoy discount pricing, cross promotional marketing, and priority development input as a WersDa development partner. Development partner slots are limited.

Pricing is based on type, size and number of locations for your organization. For more information email us at or fill out the form below:

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